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Just a few questions for you all. Currently, I am part of a CCF RAF section and needing some guidance on the classifications and qualifications. As we’re a CCF section, we do not have a ‘Master Air Cadet’ qualification. I am aware that in the ATC, after you’ve done your ‘Master AC’ training you are eligible for the Instructor Cadet classification. My question is this: does this mean that no one in the CCF is eligible for the Instructor Cadet classification? If so, then why in the latest issue of ‘Connected’ which is a CCF magazine, were there numerous pictures of CCF RAFAC with yellow lanyards on their shoulders? Is there another way to become an instructor cadet? If so, please advise me on how to pursue this.

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Master Air Cadet is signified by a badge.

The yellow lanyard signifies an Instructor Cadet and is achieved by firstly completing Master AC and secondly attending a Method of Instruction course and subsequently making a satisfactory presentation to a group of cadets and the Wing Training Officer (or deputy).

CCF(RAF) cadets can undertake Methods of Instruction Training (MOIT) and receive the Instructor Cadet Lanyard on completion of the Advanced Training Certificate which is equivalent to ATC Senior Cadet Classification.



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Advanced isn’t quite the same as senior. You only need to pass one ultilearn exam. Though if we go by the CCF specific PTS badge guide you need to do three and we have the option of Master cadet.

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