CCF(RAF) Field Leadership Course

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Approval has been granted for the CCF(RAF) to conduct a Field Leadership Course which is taking place over a series of weekends with a final battle camp\test phase from Jul-Sep 16.

For this year, the course is restricted to CCF(RAF) and CCF(Army) applicants who will undergo training in advanced fieldcraft which will also utilise blank ammunition & pyrotechnics. I’m aware that there are several CCF(RAF) cadets who contribute to the forum and although all CCF(RAF) Sections have been officially notified, I thought I’d post it here for additional visibility. We’re hopeful of obtaining permission to invite ATC cadets from 2017.

The course leads to a Level 2 Award which includes units in team leading, critical thinking, decision making and communication skills.

Although we’re unable to invite ATC cadets this year, we are permitted to recruit staff from the ATC. If there’s anyone out there who would like to assist in one of a wide variety of roles, please PM me. I won’t post links to the Calling Letters and cadet application forms but if anyone would like a copy, again, please PM me with your email address. The course commences with a staff training weekend in mid-May 16.

An opportunity also exists for staff to obtain the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement.

As an aside, this is not the SW Regn Battle Camp which has also been recently advertised.

Glad I read about this course here because after hovering around the office, my OC asked me if I was interested in the course. However, I was given paper copies of the application form so will be PM’ing you.

What is the best way to ‘electronically complete the form’ with regards to the parent’s signature?

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So long as we have their name on the form (which can be typed in electronically) then that’s OK. I would also suggest that they’ve had visibility of the form as they may be paying the cadet contribution for you!

Many thanks!

One more question: I’ve noticed that the form groups together ACLC and JL in a ‘Y/N’ Category - Does this prevent graduates from ACLC applying along with JL Graduates (as stated under requirements).


Its a general question and you can apply for the FLC if you’ve attended ACLC. The course however, isn’t designed for JL graduates.

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Sorry for annoying you with questions.

I’d rather you asked questions than not. :grinning:

The only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask…

Is there going to be some form of badge or ‘materialistic’ evidence to show that Cadets have completed this course? It seems like quite a big deal not to.

Discussions are taking place on the subject but no decision has yet been made.

Ah, I see.

I personally think that a course like this deserves something of it’s own. Perhaps a Lanyard in a particularly lovely shade of bright green - because the Yellow Lanyard isn’t bright enough…? :yum:

Sounds an awful lot like JL albeit on a smaller scale. What’s the niche that this course if filling that JL doesn’t already?

Genuinely curious as I understood that CCF cadets were welcome to apply for JL.

The brief on the calling letter suggests that it is ‘to provide a platform from which they can progress to Junior Leaders or Nesscliffe\Frimley leadership courses’.

My interpretation is that it is not an alternative but an excellent bit of training and experience for the longer and more arduous courses, which can stand well in its own right if Cadets choose not to advance any higher.

Sorry to bring back an old thread, but is there any update on this? Just wondering if/when the list of successful applicants will be released, wrt organising rail travel.

Many thanks.

Surely if it’s just an interim-course to prep cadets for ACLC/JL it shouldn’t be worth a badge/lanyard of its own.

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I’d agree with that sentiment but I don’t know the contents of the course so maybe it does merit something?