CCF (RAF) Advanced Cert Enquiry

Hi all,

I am a CCF(RAF) Cpl and have been looking at the requirements for promotion to Sgt. I came across the below on Ultilearn:

Does that mean that I must have taken MOI before I can get promoted to Sgt (are MOI and MOIT the same thing?)? And also what is the ‘formal NCO training’? How do I get it?

i would suggest “see note 5” would be the first place to look…

I would hazard a guess at a (for the ATC at least) Wing run course highlighting the qualities and expectations of an NCO - so whatever the CCF equivalent of that might be

For the CCF this will be rather variable. Your own Contingent might have a view (I don’t promote to Sgt without an MOIT course, but we run an in-house tri-service one using the Army CFIT manual). There’s not usually a requirement to have done one of the Part 3/Advanced subjects.

Don’t confuse this with either Instructor Cadet (MOIT compulsory, must have passed Part 3, must be 16) or Flight Sergeant, where the TEST Sgt will have to approve the promotion and where you must have passed Part 3.

Have you spoken to your Contingent or Section Commander? Depending on how integrated your CCF is you might find the former has to approve the promotion; if the RAF section is pretty independent then it might just be up to the latter.

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Thanks; so does that mean that MOI is not the same as MOIT (since you don’t have to be an instructor cadet to be Sgt/FS)?

No, they are the same thing; there’s no formal requirement in CCF for MOI training to be either a Sgt or a FS.

When did that change? The version of the syllabus I have says you need to be an instructor cadet for Sgt and to have completed advanced training before getting FS.

Though I’m perfectly willing to accept if this is an out of date version.

Yeah that was the document from Ultilearn that I was referring to! It’s a bit shocking as all Sgts before me haven’t ever done MOI…

One thing you’ll learn with the CCF is that you can ask 50 units and find 65 versions of syllabus requirements.

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I sit corrected, but I’ve never known that enforced.

I’ve said it before, but ‘There’s no such thing as the CCF, only CCFs.’

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Too true!

True. Our TEST SNCO was suprised when I asked for permission to promote a CWO. He didn’t know we had to.