CCF Officer as supernumerary on ATC Squadron?

Hi. I am a CCF officer and my local ATC Sqn OC has asked me to help out at the Sqn as I used to be his CWO a few years back. I know if you wanted to permanently move from CCF to ATC as an officer, you’d have to do OASC. But does anyone know of the official line on me just helping out on the Sqn as a supernumerary officer and if it is allowed?

I’ve looked in ACP 20 and jsp 313 but couldn’t find anything too helpful.

Thanks for help! :blush::blush:

We had a chap transfer last year from CCF to our ATC Squadron and they didn’t make him do OASC. He’d been supernumerary for about 3 years before that with the consent of both units.

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Following this in case I need to warn him to get the boss to speak to wing as he needs to go to Cranwell to keep his commission due to changing unit. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case.

Cheers. Any official documents allowing it?

I would just go along to help them out and not worry about it. But I bet there is a rule that says you can’t do this - the ATC love their rules while CCF use their common sense!


I’ll ask when I’m next at the Squadron. I think though it was just a letter from the Head saying they were happy for him to come down and Wing saying they were happy to take him.

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Not quite the case here - your example was someone transferring from CCF to ATC, but I think WiskeyM wants to stay as a CCF officer but also help out with an ATC Sqn.



Yeah. He did supernumerary with us for quite a while first before leaving CCF though. CO may not know what the current regime is though.

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The Wing is quite regs and paperwork pro, so would not let me be a supernumerary if there wasn’t an official rule somewhere saying it’s ok!

That’s the silly thing. You have an RAFVRT commission (soon to be A RAFAC) commission so really there should be a rule saying you can’t do it otherwise you can. But I know that isn’t how the ATC works.


From JSP313 (albeit dated 2014):

15. Attached or dual-appointment officers. Officers of the RAF Reserve or those in the RAFVR(T) serving with the Air Training Corps (ATC), wishing to work with a CCF (RAF) unit should gain the written approval of their wg cdr/unit commander before applying through their prospective contingent commander

I would have thought that if this was still extant, it would work the other way around? CCF(RAF) to ATC?

We’re all one big happy RAFAC family now.

Aren’t we?..

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JSP814 Ch 4:

[quote]4.1.9. Dual Appointments. CFAV may serve in more than one CF at the same time
providing the Commanding Officers of the units are aware and in agreement. [/quote]

Don’t forget 814, it has a lot of good stuff.

One of my officers is in exactly this position - primary role is CCF, secondary is ATC, and I just signed a form for the WExO.

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Brill, cheers