CCF classifications


As previously mentioned I’m standing in as OC for a CCF RAF. The training syllabus I’ve got says they need to sit one exam for Advanced training (equivalent to Senior) and there is no Master Cadet. But the CCF specific PTS Poster says they need to do 3 for Senior and can then do a further three for Master.
Which is it? And does master cadet really exist in CCF?


Just one exam. The PTS poster was just the copied format from the ATC poster. There is also no master air cadet.


Thanks. Good old HQAC


I had to do two… I think like everything else it is always changing depending on who your asking. There’s definitely no master cadet though. Plus it was a struggle to designate me ultilearn tests so you might want to have a look beforehand and see if it’s still a problem.
Just sharing my experience as a cadet, I have no clue what we are supposed to do. I just follow what my OC says :smiley: