CCF Chain of Command

Hi all, I’m stepping back as an ageing out head of section. I’ve recently been compiling a small, internal NCO handbook for my fellow NCOs as a way for writing down the things I have learnt while in the Air Cadets. I’ve got to the chain of command bit - do CCF (RAF) sections use the wing / group system or the TEST region system (or some combination of both)? Just don’t want to include wrong information!
Thanks in advance.

Neither - it’s a bit complicated.*

Officer Commanding RAF section reports to your CCF Contingent Commander. Contingent Commander reports to the Head Teacher. Head Teacher reports direct to the MOD (Reserve Forces and Cadets Branch). The local ATC hierarchy (up to and including Regional Commandant) have nothing to do with it.

In parallel to this, your OC RAF Section is mentored, advised and administered (but not commanded) by the area OC TEST; the latter reports to Wg Cdr CCF at HQ Air Cadets who in turn reports to the Chief of Staff (who is the Group Captain for CCF, in lieu of a Regional Commandant) who reports to Comdt Air Cadets. And so on. But this is NOT the chain of command; that’s as in my previous paragraph.

*It’s a truism, but… ‘if you think you understand command and control in the CCF, you don’t.’

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On a side but relevant note on the recent Tuesday training CCF attend SSIC despite not having, to my knowledge Sgts except TEST

When did that happen?

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New thing coming in to have SNCO instructors like the ATC.

It’s a brave new world.

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how exciting.

Our local CCF (RAF) has had one since they started out. Usually only the Army sections would have SNCO staff but varies school to school I suppose

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