My school has entered into the AST and the last time we did one was at least 7 years ago. I’m the now head of section and I have no idea what the drill entails. Also I cannot access the Sharepoint as my school always had problems with BADER. Is it possible that someone could help me out in anyway, I will be very grateful!

You might want to use a less identifiable username - entirely up to you.

I think you’re looking for the 2020 ACTO 120 Drill Sequence.

Tysm and yeh I’ll do that rn :joy:

Evening FltSgtSpuddy and Squirrel,

The CCF use a slightly different drill sequence, due to the shorter parade times CCF have compared to the ATC. It is best to speak to your TEST Sgt and they will be able to supply you with the correct drill sequence.


Your TEST Sgt will also be able to fix the Bader login problems for the CC, SSI and SC

Good luck with it: we benefited hugely last time from some help from a drill instructor from a friendly local ATC squadron. They sent the DI and a couple of experienced senior cadets. We tried to set up a drill competition with them in 2021 (after RAST was cancelled) but were stymied by the dreaded COVID.

Try them - the ATC don’t bite. Well, not normally!

If you ask nicely they will

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I always tell CCFs I’m happy to support as required. Just need to ask


I’ve run a few courses with CCF attending, always gone well.

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Alex, you will have an email coming soon from me to assist…

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Use the personal one as I don’t have access to the WWO one yet

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What day are you going to be in Londinium?

Can pick. And choose but won’t be until Jan

Will let you get settled in then maybe see if we can sort anything. Travel expenses of course

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