Cash Handling Certificates


Hi All,

We are being instructed by our Wing to tighten up on ‘Cash Handling Certificates’ as per the guidance in ACP 10/11.

Does anyone have an example electronically that I can pinch to replicate? Have been searching around but haven’t found anything as yet.

Help appreciated.



Yup, shall I ping you one over?


Yes, that would be brilliant thanks matey :slight_smile: Same email as per our PM discussion previously.


Already done, and the financial delegation we use.


Leg-end :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I realise this thread is now somewhat dated, however, if anyone does have a Cash Handling Certificate they would be able to send over to me, so I could use it as inspiration, it’d be much appreciated.

My email: training.1200 (



I’ll send you the one I sent xab in a couple of minutes…Sent


Cheers Russell, got it.

Thanks a lot!