Carnival float

Our squadron is planning a float at the town carnival in September. The theme is ‘Olympic Rings.’ Has anyone got some ideas for tieing that in with RAFAC? Trying to get some plans figured out so I can work out how much time to allocate on the training plan. Cheers Mark

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I’d start on the RA :laughing:now…


And don’t forget the RA for the construction of said float :roll_eyes:


Got a CACE in… if not. Dont bother now. Its less than 6 months so canx the activity.

Quite a niche subject but (fingers crossed you get the approval) I would definitely be looking at the Blue and Reg ring from the Olympics and tying that into the RAF Randall possibly event using the Gold to celebrate achievements. You could also have the a display around the Red arrows with the colours mentioned. It sounds like a lot of hard work but good luck!

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I would suggest “roundel” would get better ideas! :wink:

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Phone spell checker but I would too!!

Red arrows flying through the olimpic rings? Or something along those lines?

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