Care of uniform guide

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Currently looking for a care of uniform guide including things like polishing, beret moulding, sewing badges onto a brassard, hair, ect to give to our new recruits.

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Somebody may well come along with something they’ve created; but remember also that Cadet Portal gives access to a host of video guides on this very subject.

They should all be on the RAFAC Vimeo page I believe.


They are. Not a bad starting point.

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If there are things that you think would be useful, not already covered in the videos on the RAFAC Vimeo, do let me know and I’ll see if I can find some willing volunteers to get them recorded, equally, happy to have a conversation if you know willing volunteers.

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Whilst we’re on that topic, is there a defined PoC for video feedback?
I ask the Cpls attending my JNCO courses to view some of the videos and discuss them during the course.
They come up with some useful points.

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There are some useful tips on Air Cadet 101
Uniform Care and Tips - AIR CADET 101 (

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This is great to hear!

Just send them through to me at and I’ll look to update/amend/task as appropriate.

Brilliant. Thank you.

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After a couple hours I have made a Uniform Guide, which is available to download through google drive (its a publisher document, so you can’t open it in the G-suite).

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