Car Parking

Sorry if this has been covered but I did search and couldn’t find an exact answer.

ACP 300 FI 306 says car parking is ok, however there seems to be some confusion amongst staff that this has changed.

Can we do car parking? What restrictions are there on that?

We did it last month, no issues up top.

My understanding is that the cadets are insured against personal injury but the event organisers must provide public liability insurance. I think that means if they direct a Rolls-Royce into a collision course with a Ferrari, you’re on your own!

some say it is the difference between parking cars or directing traffic

the former is the waving hands “keep coming, keep coming…stop” the latter waving arms in the direction cars should go to park themselves.

we tend to adopt a system between the two having staff as the final direction

When we run a carpark for the WRGB, I tell my staff and cadets. You tell the driver where to park and not how to park.

eg park there. no left hand down, you have got plenty of space.

Also I tell them do not stand behind reversing cars.