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Does anyone have any RAFAC themed Canva (or similar software) templates they would be up for sharing?

Haven’t done as much with Canva as I would like, only discovered it late last year.
I’ve used designs like this a few times and haven’t gone much further.

I’ve only given Canva a brief look but struggle to see how to animate with it. I’m likely being dense.

You simply select the item you want to animate, click the animate button, then choose from the provided animations.
Screenshot 2021-06-21 115935
Screenshot 2021-06-21 115951

as first thought then!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Similar note…is there a free software package to this that achieves similar out put. Im a tight git and dont want to pump any money into this stuff.

@AlexCorbin Adobe Spark is similar in output, but it’s currently £10.10 a month. If you already have an Adobe licence, you might be able to get it bundled into a deal?

I’ve not used Canva much, but am interested not see if anyone posts more!

Canva offer a Non-Profit option but you have to apply for it.

Manage all your branding and colour palettes as a team with everyone having their own user accounts, and 100GB of storage for designs.


If you have an existing paid for Adobe plan it’s included but not automatically added. I had tj download it and then sign in using my Adobe ID to activate the full version.

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I was about to post this too till I got distracted :sweat_smile: just to add, it’s the same info I needed to give a hosting company to get free business webhosting for a Wing website, so should be relatively straightforward, I’d hope… :crossed_fingers:

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Does anyone have any experience of applying? Canva states the required documentation as:

“Charity Registration Number from Charity Commission, CIC Registration Number from CIC Regulator, Articles and Memorandum of Association.”

Our squadron isn’t registered with the Charity Commission so we only have our exempted charity number. Can anyone suggest any RAFAC evidence that could be submitted?

fraid not, I’ve never bothered to claim the charity offering.

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If your Squadron claims Gift Aid you should have a charity number of sorts, which the committee should have a letter with it on. It’s a charity reference number and I’ve used that in the past to apply for things. The letter will look like this one, minus the redactions.

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That’s fantastic - thank you!