Have any squadrons restarted their canteen/tuck shops since they have been back F2F?
Would you consider it safe to do so?

Why bother.
So much work for almost zero gain

Return to F2F Guide V7 has a new section for Canteens (and Dining In nights) and it seems a right faff (see last 2 pages of document). I’ve not opened my canteen and cadets are advised to bring their own refreshments.

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We have and run it like we always did. If it’s OK for shops, why on earth not us? Staff make tea/coffee like we always have done.

We use it for cadets to gain service/volunteering time for DofE. Something for them to plan and organise.

Yeah ditto.

But parade runs much smoother without the faff.
Loads of other things for them to org asides.

No one fit.

If a Sqn wants canteen. Crack on. No issues.

Just saying we wont.
Plus cadets arent bothered. They prefer their 100% covid safe :wink: sweetie and biscuit sharing break.

I wouldnt’t say it was a massive faff, gloves for seller, goods delivery on a paper towel, exact money only and cash to be quarantined for 72hrs.
I will say that the ‘direction and guidance’ needs revising ASAP. Its a bit of a joke when the cadets leave the squadron and then all pile into the corner shop on the way home. And guess what happens in there???

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Woah woah woah, are you trying to tell me your local shop doesnt do all that too?

I rekon you had better call the out of hours HQAC number and make a report. asap! :rofl::joy:

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The other advantage of the canteen is that pre-refit when we didn’t have a kitchenette, it was out only source of beverages.

Our canteen funds the cadets christmas party. Its totally up to them. The more profit they make, the bigger and better their christmas party!

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The rest of the country has forgotten about COVID we are just 12 months behind the trend lol

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Wow, this is insanity. Stupid rules deserve to be broken.

We’ve not bothered to start canteen up yet, just as well I suppose.

We do dare to make each other a brew in the office, the horror.


Not yet and the cadets haven’t missed it. We will bring it back but it will be a while.

My Padre thinks they missed it, but if those are the rules we won’t be reopening yet.

Brought it back on night 1, it’s been fine.

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Too much faff for us to reopen it sticking to those rules. Have to admit it does seem over kill to me when you consider what shops are doing, but hey ho, we play HQAC game so play by their rules or not at all.

Sadly too many cadets and staff are going with the “not at all” option and are deciding to leave.

I just wonder how long HQAC will continue self harming itself in this way…

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Totally agree. But for my Sqn specifically, we have had to choose what we can do and achieve, and what we can’t. Sure, we could deliver tuck for Cadets, but in doing so we would have to sacrifice something else more beneficial.