Can't find my cadets

Perhaps it’s karma, but I find myself having a problem with Ultilearn - I can’t find my cadets…

I have 1st Class cadets on SMS, but no cadets on Ultilearn with their CIN. I’ve not had this before so maybe I’m just missing something - any ideas?

To create a ultilearn account for them you need to follow the “forgotten password” process using their CIN. The OC will receive a new password request by email and you can setup new password for them after that.

With that it just comes up “problem recovering password”, which is why I ended up delving into the underbelly to see if there was anything amiss on our side.

I guess I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and go to Helpdesk…

I had that last year. Helpdesk managed to create the account

Yeah, help desk it is. I’ve had that problem

Cheers all.

Just a quick one as I had this issue, if you delete them from your squadron usergroup and then add them back this seems to clear the issue. Also make sure that the cadets don’t use non-Alpha Numeric characters in their passwords. This seems to be one of the things that appears to cause issues.

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