Canoe Coaching

Anyone interested in any open water / white water canoe coaching? I’m working towards my Open Water & White Water Canoe Coach awards and need to get some practice coaching sessions in, as well as needing some mock students for an assessment at some point in the future (hopefully this year).

No dates as yet - just wanting to try and gauge an interested pool of individuals. In terms of suitability, you’d want to improve your skills paddling in open water up to 500m offshore and up to F4 winds, or moving water Grade 2(3) rivers. If you are already a canoe leader / canoe leader trained then you are probably too good!

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I’m in, depending on venues and dates.

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Likely to be N Wales - Dee / Trawsfynnd at a guess but we could move it around.

If there’s accommodation I can be more available. If not then I’ll be out!

If Traws then we could probably use Fairbourne.



I do know several people, Including one bearded chap who will definitely want to join you.

He’ll refuse to go anywhere near the Dee though :smiley:

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Where the water glows in the dark.

But it is lovely and windy so I’ll take the extra radiation :smiley:

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Indeed he will…

I’m definitely interested in this, dates dependent of course. I possibly have some other people as well.

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