Cannot get lint off pants n matter how much I try

Got a pant replacement which is a perfect size… Except that it’s full of lint.

I tried a lint remover, but its broken and permanently inoperable., so I thought that washing it and air drying it would work… But no, it was still there. Tried scotch tape to remove, and it still won’t do anything.
Knife along the pants to scrape it off gently, nope.

Honestly I don’t know what to do at this point. Any suggestions?

Tried gently running a razor over it (as in the type one would use in their face)

I can not emphasise the word gently enough!


How’s that?

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Still won’t work

God knows then… usually does the trick

Tried razor.
Goddamn &*%^ still won’t get out

Easiest solution.
If its truly that bad.
Get a new pair from stores.

Already took the time to hem, can’t just return and get new ones,

Tried ironing? That somes time helps

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Try cautiously using some better/wider tape: your scotch tape may not be sufficiently sticky (honestly…it does get unsticky if it’s been sitting around).

Brown parcel tape, wrapped sticky-outwards, around your hand, could be well worth a try. A whole handful may be over-ambitious, go for a half-covered hand.

Also (again cautiously) you could try what we call in the UK ‘Blu Tack’, it seems to be called Blue Stick in Canada (the reusable wall-mounting stuff for posters, as found in Le Page / Staples / Walmart).

Another trick to try (VERY super-cautiously) is a small piece of clean sandpaper, like in the edge of an old-style matchbox or an emery board for fingernails. That can work wonders, but it may wreck your pants/trousers if done too roughly.

There are still lint there;

Guess my only option is washing then drying in dryer;;

Or ironing but IDK what that’ll do

Start with a very low heat and work up

And that will…?

I think what @AlexCorbin is meaning is that sometimes the heat of the iron will melt/lift lint, but you’d have to be careful not to bond the lint even more strongly than ever to the pants (and also careful not to scorch the cloth).

I’d definitely recommend a cautious try with a curved piece of grainy sandpaper, if sticky lifting won’t shift it.