Can you take off stable belt buckles?

For christmas i got a stable belt, but my dad snapped the inner circle. Then, a few days ago i bought another stable belt, but the strap doesnt look real. Can i swap the buckles?

I think its possible, but would need to unstitch and re-stitch them.

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Probably easier to just go and buy a new one.

Not sure they sell new dads?


Yeah but i dont really want to buy a third stable belt

Not sure why youd want to buy one tbh.

Because they look significantly better than the issue belt.


It’s also the only connection to the parent service that ATC cadets now wear when in greens.

How do you mean? Surely the current TRF is a lot closer the the parent service than the green trapezoid patch with the Tutor on it that cadets used to wear? Then there’s the beret and rank slides.

Sorry I wasn’t clear; I was speaking about items that are the same as the parent service and also unique to them.

I don’t count the beret on account of the beret badge being different, but that’s why I caveated my comment with ATC cadets rather than RAFAC, as CCF do wear the capbadge.

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