Can I complete badges outside of cadets if I’m assessed on the same criteria?

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I have a few questions, and I’ve decided this is the best place to get the right answers. First off I was wondering if it’s possible to be assessed for my Bronze AEF wings and Blue and Bronze Gliding wings outside of cadets, as the opportunities aren’t available at the moment?

I was also wondering if I completed a First Aid at work qualification, if I could then get the Silver First Aid badge, as the PTS says the Silver one is the equivalent to the First Aid at work?

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Flying badges outside of cadets are a no, unless you go solo when you get the Civilian wings.
First aid needs to be the same qualification to get the award, so if you did heartstart at school before through cadets that would count.
Basically, the only ones you can claim for outside cadets activities are music and DofE (and possibly road marching but not sure on that)

Oh ok, cheers. So that’s a no to the First Aid at work qualification, despite the PTS saying they’re the equivalent of each other?

Yup. It’s stupid, but for some reason we agreed to the badge stating a specific qualification and I very much doubt it’s being sponsored.

It’s because FAW isn’t a St John thing

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Oh ok no worries then. Thanks all for your rapid responses

If you complete the Vierdaagse at Nijmegen privately / outside of cadets you CAN still claim the RAFAC Gold Road Marching / Nijmegen badge

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