Can ex cadets add staff from their former sqn on LinkedIn

Hi I was just wondering as I’m leaving cadets if it would be acceptable to add staff from my former sqn on LinkedIn I’m 18 so was just wondering if there are any rules against it

It tends to vary from person to person. I don’t accept any social media requests until 2 years after the cadet leaves or 20 years old whichever is later, but that’s also the school policy for staff and pupils. If they need a reference before then they can use my OC email address.

In the situation described, no issues for me with LinkedIn, would be a no too any other social media though.

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Ok thanks

Not any issues and I’d usually see it as a compliment! Always interesting to see what a cadet does once they leave!


Remember that LinkedIn is a business facility not really a social media one.

On that basis, as you acquire new contacts, consider that any potential employer will be scanning your profile / contacts to look at your suitability. I certainly know of people who have looked at what seemed to be a random selection of people (more based on probably who they went out drinking with!) & didn’t see any coherent links to warrant further contact (no initial screening interview, etc).

Hard as it seems, it might be better to make a break from cadet-linked contacts unless business reasons suggest that they are good value.

I can tell you now, I personally wouldn’t allow you to add me on any social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

I doubt many staff would either, so although it may be allowed, get ready for it to either be ignored/deleted or be blocked. It’s nothing personal.

If they have left the RAFAC and are over 18, there is no policy reason why you wouldn’t…

Would I personally accept a LinkedIn invitation from a 21 year old ex cadet? Sure, why not?

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hmm, I think it depends on the cdt. I know lots of staff who are friends / follow[ers|ees] / connected to ex cdt SNCOs who only left to go to uni / timed out, but probably less usual from a cdt who was less engaged and left at 16

On this particular question though… I’m just surprised there are people who still use LinkedIn! I have an account, but I see hardly any activity on it

Only people I ever hear from are recruiters.

Seems to be an all or nothing medium and quite difficult to “get into” using if you don’t have a large need for it.

It pushes their premium features quite heavily and these are what make it most useful… But not worth the cost if you aren’t a major user.

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Not in my mind, but I am very old fashioned.

If I’ve only ever known a person as a cadet and won’t have anything to do with them afterwards then they will always remain that way and won’t be added to any of my social media accounts.

ANYWAY… would I add an ex cadet on any SM?

I’ve added some, the good ones, usually not immediately.

On LinkedIn - maybe, but perhaps more selectively so. Certainly not if I know they’ve gone into recruitment! :joy:

I’d be surprised to learn if more than a few percent of cadets/ex are on there.

two of the three colleagues I have who are working their notice were either recruited through LinkedIn or found their new job on LinkedIn…

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The ex-cadets I have on SM are either now staff, or I’ve accepted for a good reason beyond them simply having been a cadet. Not had many try to add me on LinkedIn, though…

I hear that! I’m quite happy in my job, especially as I recently passed some exams to do more. No I don’t want to work for a corporate (even for more money!) as I’ve been in that world before and enjoy my life more now that I don’t have targets to meet every five minutes…

I use LinkedIn only for business, I have 1 ex cadet who was actually in another sqn. Their co asked me to help them as they got into the same line of work as me but was struggling. When they left the corps they added me and keep in touch professionally