Can CCF RAF cadets get a 3822 for discounts?

Hi. I’m a cadet in my schools CCF RAF section. I don’t have a rank yet.
Does anyone know if I can get a 3822 and use it for discounts? (Please make your replies relevant to CCF, not ATC.)
Thanks. Harry.

Hi Harry,
As a CCF(RAF) Cadet, you don’t get a 3822 - they’re for ATC Cadets only. Instead, you should be issued with a card ID card, called a 7537D, which should get you the same discounts!

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3822 does not provide any official discounts.

Edit- some shops and businesses MAY recognise it. But it is unofficial and up to each shop or business individually.

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Don’t think I’ve seen one of those in my two years as a CFAV in the CCF (One as section commander)

You have a 3822 - its called the Record of Service (Ros) Book, which is the official name of the 3822.

Normally Section Commanders hold onto them as cadets except for camps or events as cadets tend to lose them at home and not really need them outside these occasions. The new RAF Form 3822 have both the RAFAC and ATC logos on so they might be issuing them for common service.

Speak to your Section or Contingent Commanders when you next see them.

The record of service book went out years ago apparently according to my SSI

You are eligible for a defence discount service card. You have to get the formed signed and stamped by your staff and the card itself costs around £5 I think, but it is worth it if you use it.

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I’ve easily saved over £50 minimum. Well worth the £5

Do your cadets not go flying? Or on camps?

Yeah. Flying they take the flying log card. Camp we give them an ATC 3822 as that’s the only form of ID our SSI says is available. If that’s incorrect I’ll go back to her and tell her to speak to the TEST staff. I’m still quite new back to the CCF, and she’s been a VR(T)/RAFAC staff for years so just went with it.

She’s wrong.

Parents should complete RAF Form 7537C, which is the consent form, and give you a photo.
You should complete RAF Form 7537D for each cadet, certifying they have consent and acting as their ID.
There is no need to complete the ‘record of service’ items on there - they should instead be recorded on Westminster.

The TEST SNCO should be supplying all these, including lanyards and card holders - ask.

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Thanks. Will speak to the TEST SNCO. I’ve only just won the battle with her (the SSI) on using the 7537C rather than the ATC consent form, this is going to be fun. :roll_eyes:

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I saved £450 on a hol with it

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Aren’t you a bit old for a 3822 Alex? :joy:

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Physically yes…behaviourally…no

To be fair looking at your profile pic I’m not sure you’re physically too old :crazy_face:

2 months short of 30 and still watching spongebob on a Saturday morning!

Living the dream! Mind you, I was watching Fireman Sam at 5am as my 2 year old decided he’d slept long enough.

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New Sam is rubbish vs the original though!

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He only gets the old ones, same with Thomas. Anyway, should probably get back on topic. The Defence Discount card is great, bit only available to cadets over 16

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