Hi all , a couple months ago I put my name down for a camp and paid my deposit and successfully gained a place on it, then another camp came up that I would like to go on but my mom can’t afford both. I’ve talked to my OC about forfeiting my place on the camp and she just said it might not be possible. Does anyone know if that is true or not ?

Nobody can force you to go to anything. Your OC may not be able to pull you out and reallocate the space, but she can definitely say you aren’t attending.

That said, cost should not be a barrier to you attending a camp. Mention this issue to your OC and ask if the civilian committee are able to help, they have funds for pretty much this exact reason.

You may well forfeit the deposit. Also, you may well not get a place on this other camp. The OC may well allocate it to/nominate someone who they feel isn’t going to pull out of something better comes along.

The main thing is camps like most things have a limit on the number of cadets who can attend, it may well be that the second camp you wish to is full and your OC or the Queen cant give you a place unless someone drops out

Very true


Okay thank you :pray:

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