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Does anyone have any details on the new Camps Portal… or is this another classic release of information via Twitter before the details where rolled out by the CoC…

Whilst the shooting portal announcement didn’t come via the CoC but direct from OC TDT at least we had a briefing note that explained its purpose, and the portal included some how to guides.

Our obsession with sending everything via the CoC delays communication and gives some units an advantage when bidding for places is involved.

[quote=“Winki, post:2, topic:3526, full:true”] go and ask your WHQ rather than bleat on here

Somebody’s tired…

One wing’s E1 sending out an email saying that the system has changed doth not an official release make.

I think the lack of “This is what what we’ve done, this is why we’ve done it, and this is how you should use it” type briefing is what people are “bleating” about. Especially if, given the lack of information, cadets miss out on yet another opportunity, because staff haven’t been briefed on it’s use.

I think the RAFAC leadership need to have a good look at the RAF practical leadership card again…

If details are being briefed via the CoC as per the tweet I saw, I wouldn’t need to go asking, as we’d have been briefed…the lack of briefing is the issue - could be local but this is one of many problems with all of layers, why in this case does it need to pass through each layer in turn?

The announcement from your wing, fills some gaps but not many, from the portal I could if i wanted submit a bid for my squadron… but there are no admin orders or cost details for the camps to advise interested cadets/staff before submitting a bid.

We once again have a poorly communicated change on policy/process it’s PTS/CFC all over again from HQAC, how much longer can they pull these screw-ups out of the hat?

This is the problem with social media and a national organisation where people talk, it brings the cynic out in people.

Still doesn’t question why we can’t release this detail to everyone at the same time or at least have a week blackout on social media to avoid such issues.

No one said it was a HQAC problem.

We said it was a CoC problem.

Unless someone has changed the definition of CoC whilst I wasn’t looking, My CoC starts at my WSO, then continues up the chain. I don’t know where the flow of information stopped, because I wasn’t aware of the information in the first place.

The fact that Sdn commanders are not being fully briefed does lie under the remit of HQAC though.

It’s been said before, so I hesitate to say it again…

But why do HQAC not send out an email with a link to the relevant policy note. We could utilise a system like, I don’t know, SharePoint?

Once that info has been sent, then send out out the twitter/FB posts.

Social media and email are powerful tools - if they are used correctly. If not, they spread confusion, and work against the organisation.


I’m starting to think HQAC is using the Trump guide to PR and information release…

Step 1: Post on twitter
Step 2: Post on twitter how awesome you are because of the previous tweet
Step 3: ignore any potential issues or questions and brandish as "fake news"
step 4: repeat step 2 until a change of subject is achieved


If they are going to have a camp portal can they please get Julian Clary or that dancer bloke Louis to manage it. Maybe they could review the camps, which would be fun.

I would say all you need is email. It is all I use and it is extremely irritating that the Corps’ intelligencia use social media like they do.

The irony is we have a closed FB group which is used by parents and cadets, but the cadets routinely use one or combination of snapchat / Instagram / whatsapp, for their own social media.
The wisdom of one the cadets twitter is for sad old farts who think they’re something special.

what details are you after?

I have known it has been coming for ~6 months and heard it would be “released” within the week on Saturday as RC needed a heads up first

the reason being 123 (Anytown) Sqn can now bid for an oversees camp directly without any need to be “the lucky one” to get 1 of 2 Wing places.
If a Squadron OC wants to take half the unit to Germany, they can bid for the places

a system which would have put the RCs backs up no doubt

I’d like to see an admin order for the camp I’m bidding for, which includes details like cost and pick up points.

I’d like an Internal Breifing Note which we are seeing for policy changes driven by the ACOS.

I just want to know the process has changed so I can set up alerts and make sure my cadets don’t miss out.

I want to be communicated with and not treated like a toddler … because CAC/MoD/RC said so reasons

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How did you hear about that? I’ve had no info about it…

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we move in different circles…a case of who you know and work with!

Now closed…with a new system planned. That lasted a long time!