Camp Questions

So this is my first time attending a camp and I have a couple of questions about it and the kit needed.
1.What is a domestic?
2. What is a foul weather jacket? (Is it just a normal coat or issued kit)
3.Whats the diffenece between a blue work shirt and Wedgwood blue shirt?

Staff or cadet?

  1. Domestic is “not oversees”.
  2. One is dark blue, the other is light blue, cadets are issued both when the join normally.
  1. In what context is the term ‘a domestic’ being used. A domestic could be a dispute in the home (police vernacular), or as already said, simply an event in the UK - this would be clear from the location of the camp e.g. RAF Henlow in Bedfordshire would be a domestic camp.

  2. The foul weather jacket is almost certainly the issued blue waterproof (Jeltex) jacket.

I’m sure that your sqn staff could have answered these questions if you approached them…

I fail to see how this would relate to a cadet camp however… Also, I didn’t think that jacket was issued any more?

In the context of camp, it’s likely to mean a so-called ‘housewife’ or ‘hoosif’. This is a small sewing/stitching repair kit (or domestic survival kit) which you can either buy ready-made, or make one up yourself.

Get a large empty matchbox (or any similar-sized tough box) and create the following: a small pin-cushion made from a ball of squashed cooking foil. Some middle-sized sewing needles pushed into that (for safety). Get a few pieces of cardboard say 20mm x 50mm, squeeze them into cylinder shapes, and wind spare thread onto them to make bobbins. Have some light-blue thread, some white, and some black. Collect some spare shirt buttons, put them in a small plastic bag, alongside a few elastic bands, a bit of good string, a few pencil stubs, a pair of nail clippers, a small piece of sandpaper and a thimble. Put all this, along with a spare shoelace and some safety-pins, neatly and compactly, into your tough box, then ensure that you know where it is when you pack. It WILL be useful to you during camp.

Also- I think you may be lacking a number of items of issued kit/uniform. You MUST have an issued waterproof jacket. If you do not, and for some reason your squadron cannot get you one in time, we can provide you details/sources of where to buy one on-line.

Similarly with both types of shirts, you really should have them issued to you (however, we all know that sometimes life can get complicated, and we need to make our own arrangements in unusual circumstances)

Ask your staff or cadets who have been to camp.

They’ve given us a timetable and for one of the time slots it just says domestic.
We only have one staff member at the moment and the sqn closes for the summer so I have no way of contacting him

That would probably mean

a) Cleaning the accommodation or uniform prep
b) they couldn’t think of something to organises, so probably cleaning the accommodation

Not for the RAF, but it is still standard issue for cadets and new staff in RAFAC. It is the only permitted uniform waterproof jacked for cadets in No2 dress. A huge supply of these was kept aside for cadet forces when the RAF moved to the MVP jacket.

Hactar, as shown in this thread, the term domestic can be used in a number of ways. I was making the point that context is all important, as stated in the lead to that comment…

Another wee question, in the kit list it mentions to bring a padlock, what size would I need to bring?

Nothing too chunky - it is to secure a foot locker or similar, not an armoury.
Something with a 2-3mm diameter shackle would probably do. Take a couple of keys and keep them separate (or use a combination padlock)

You may find nowhere to attach it of course. It is on the list to deter thieves if you have a lockable area for valuables.

I always recommend a combination padlock - that way, there isn’t the chance of ‘Sir… I’ve lost my padlock key…’ when you have no access to a ‘universal padlock key’. I’d agree with incubus that a 2-3 mm diameter hasp is fine.

I always take a universal key to camp :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Me too…
It looks like a big screwdriver.

I have a size 10 key which works well when opening doors.

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