Camp kit list queries

Hi everybody,

I’m going on camp in a couple of weeks and I have received a kit list. I have pretty much everything but I have a few questions:

  1. One of the items is a Warm jumper and it is under the MTP/CS95 section. Does anyone know what it is referring to?
  2. Another item on the list is waterproof DPMs. What does this consist of?
  3. Finally shall I take my uniform in a suitcase or a bag.

Thank you in advance.

Literally that. Something that you can wear under a smock as an extra layer if the weather is cold. It doesnt have to be anything special, but something black/brown/green/tan would be ideal - anything is better than nothing, though.

DPM is the old camouflage pattern, so they are asking for waterproof trousers and jacket - likely either DPM or MTP (or even a mix is actually allowed).

If your squadron doesn’t have any to issue, if you have normal “civvie” waterprof trousers and a light rain jacket (ideally dark though as opposed to pink or blue or yellow or orange or some other high vis colour) then that will have to do. Anyone who conplains should be told to give their head a wobble.

Thanks you. It’s much appreciated.

Entirely your call, no wrong answer. Taking it in a suit carrier may be your best bet, should be handled with (relative) care and stay in somewhat decent condition.