Camp Applications


Anybody know who it is on Wing staff that a camp application goes to for approval?



Follows the same routing as a PiPE / Other


Depends what sort of camp, if it’s AT it hoes to the WATTO. If it’s just a visit it goes to the WExO if it’s Fieldcraft it goes to the FT.


just done one of these - the WExO signs the whole thing off once the SMEs for AT/Sport/FC etc etc have authorised their specific sections


Helpfully my wing doesn’t have a WExO at the moment.


Maybe things will run more smoothly then.


It’s gone to RHQ now.


Is there anything I can do to embolden RHQ? It’s been awaiting their approval for over a week now and I’ve not heard anything. Never had an application goes as high as Region before, is this a normal amount of time to wait?


Depends where you are, in my old Region you used to have to get applications which were going in to Region submitted 4 weeks prior to the event.


Drop a note to the ARC (CC your CoC) and just ask if they need anything extra from you so it can be approved.


Would their email address just be arc.[insertregion]


technically yes, they are listed in the Global Address List, however their primary account will be DII / MODNET hopefully RAFAC emails are forwarded to them…


I only found out this weekend the everybody who works in WHQ or RHQ will have two e-mail addresses their modnet address and a address and I am someone who generally keeps up with things. I know that my wing has never passed on this information.

I also found out that Pregnant cadets could still parade.


Having looked at a wing camp approval last night it is the Wg Cdr for general camps and WATTO for Adv Trg.

RHQ has to approve pay and the ratio is 1:10. So a wing camp for 35 cadets can only have 4 paid staff. This in may opinion is dangerous and does not take into account over night etc.


That’s rubbish.

The ratio of 1:10 is the minimum as listed in ACP 4 for safeguarding.
Some activities will have a high ratio - Shooting/AT

Ratio’s are not linked to VA… All eligible staff can claim VA within entitlements as per ACP 300


Mine’s just a bog standard multi-activity camp but it’s been forwarded by WHQ to RHQ.


If you are doing AT and the camp is above certain numbers or duration it will go to the RATTO as that’s in the policy.


Plus we are “out of season” for camping…


In my wing that is the policy.


Assmuning [quote=“the_silverback, post:19, topic:3465”]
In my wing that is the policy.

Assuming your region I would suggest that this is challenged in line with your RC’s directive