Camp, Activity, Course and Event (CACE) Activity Process

It stands for Camp, Activity, Course and Event.

Introduced into SW Reg at the end of 2023, the full details that were shared with HIOW can be viewed here

Spending £125 Per Cadet to require RHQ Approval I think is likely to be only triggered for week long activities, or those with very low cadet numbers.

From this point forward, all activities need to have a CACE Matrix completed unless the activity states in writing on SMS that they will not be spending any public money.

So this means that if staff want to be able to claim 1771, then a CACE matrix needs to be done? Which basically means it needs to be done for the vast majority of activities?

So if this is something required for every activity, surely this just needs to be built into SMS, and not another random spreadsheet/word doc that needs doing, along with everything else.

Although I agree with more scrutiny WRT public spending, this doesn’t seem like the right way of doing it.

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Also of note, the Sharepoint bit you link to states "To this end the Regional Commandant has instituted a new process for financial approvals". So does this mean this is just a SW region thing? And not a HQ thing?

It’s in the RAFAC Digital Backlog on the Roadmap.

And yet my wing still haven’t been told about it :rofl:

I’m told all regions are doing it, but none of the RCs have a uniform set of criteria for when it is used…


Digital Roadmap includes an “Activity financial planning tool” in Q1 that is in active development.

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The problem with that is that unless we’re very careful it is just going to add to our admin, not remove it. Right now I don’t have to complete a CACE form if I don’t want public money. If that part of units becomes mandatory to complete for activities suddenly I’m a project manager for every 3 hour activity I run on a Saturday morning.

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If it’s done properly, there just need to be a checkbox for public fund yes/no. If no is ticked that you don’t need to fill any of it in. I trust the digital team will have that kind of solution.

Hasn’t reached us yet if it is going out to all.

this was certainly how VA was going to be “submitted”. It was explained to me that on SMS against Staff names on that tab would be a box “claiming VA” and it would do the rest.

It makes sense to suggest a box for “public money request” and then upon ticking it, others appear/become ungreyed.

  • VA
  • F1771
  • Clarity
  • etc

the other elements that the CACE is said to consider (numbers and duration) is harder to fall under “public funding request” though

I don’t trust Region’s not to add in additional steps, invent convoluted forms which much be attached, alongside some kind of extra burden and hoops to jump through.

Remember; “Too many simples make a complicated”

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Too many people adding something with the line “it’s only a little bit more” makes a lot more.

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Yeah, this is fair. What HQ need to agree on is a single system that all RCs agree too. Make it simple, and then implement it within SMS. (Or units when activity approvals move over to there)

Amongst all of this CACE stuff I’ve been reminded that LaSER implemented something similar quite a while ago referred to as eRCI 011. Basically a Sharepoint thing that had to be filled out for certain events so that Wing/Region could approve it based on the costs.

No there’s a flow diagram that goes with it (sorry I haven’t got it atm) that one is only needed if it hits a one of the criteria.

So a 9-5 course run on Sqn Grounds that has 2 or 3 staff attending won’t need a CACE form.

That would make more sense. But at the end of the day, 1771 is still public funds.

So long as those staff are not claiming any VA that is.

Oh goody. Just been confirmed LaSER also require CACE now too. We’ve been told this is the criteria to require a CACE:

The and being the important bit here for me. This would actually imply that the vast majority of events do not need a CACE. This appears to be very different to what is suggested in the sharepoint page linked to at the very top of this thread.

Our process to follow is this:

Can’t even get a copy of the form without requesting a copy by emailing the region CoS :joy: :joy:

Oh, and now there is this thing called ‘LEAP’ too:

In theory this looks like a potentially decent planning tool for large events. But we shall see how it actually plays out. For refence, here is what the ‘LEAP’ spreadsheet asks for:

Oh, and it appears we might still have to complete the eRCI 011 thing too.

And you now also need to complete the MOD Form 1930 SAAF if you’re using DTE.

And none of this appears to all be written down in one nice place somewhere. It appears across various forms/spread sheets/emails/sharepoint pages.

So once again it looks like we have 2 regions with 2 completely separate ways of doing things.

Someone needs to decide on one process that we can all follow, and then implement it into Sharepoint/Units. Frankly I can’t see how any of this could currently be implemented as we all seem to be having different rules applied to us.


Only if all of the following is true

  • none of those staff claiming VA
  • none of those staff claiming mileage on a 1771

Like the look of that A1-9 might jig formatting for my AOs to tick those boxes easily

Yeah, as I said, the LEAP thing looks potentially like a genuinely good planning tool.

Where I feel it might fall down is the fact there is “no set criteria” for when it is required and “event ICs will be notified by region CoS when LEAP is required”.

It feels like in some cases it will just add burden. If you’ve already got an even you run often and have a nice process that works, but now are told this all needs filling in too. Not ideal. Plus this is double looking at things that should probably already be covered elsewhere.