Cadets allowed to wear Aiguillettes?


I’ve recently found this image of a CWO who is wearing an aiguillette. I thought only officers of Air Rank and Aide De-Camps could wear them. Are cadets allowed to wear them?

Air cadets are only allowed to wear items of uniform specified in AP1358c, a copy of which can be found here.

If it is not mentioned, they almost certainly are not allowed to wear it. However it is not unknown for individual units to be creative with regulations, which is a matter for their CoC.


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Further info has come to light courtesy of one of our members!

The reason for the wearing, be it correct or not, is due to his LLt’s Cadet role being particularly unique - that is, the LLC of Isle of Man. The use of the Aiguillettes is arguably appropriate due to the LLt of this particular location in the Commonwealth having higher powers than most and being the queens proxy as apposed to representative. Much like the Governor of Sark, Governor General of Canada, Governor General of Australia or Governor General of New Zealand. Additionally they are style by the person who nominated them ‘the armed forces representative’.

AP1358 does also make allowances for this postion - namely aiguillettesbeing permitted wear for a member of personal staff of a Governor, Lieutenant Governor or High Commissioner.

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If the LL in question is that important then the LL should wear aguillettes - his/her Air Cadet lackey may not, but should perhaps be permitted to get a decent set of 1s from this century.

And that fit! Our LLC had his tailored at St Mawgan.

It’s all well and good saying that this LLC should have No 1 that fit and are of the current pattern, normally I would agree, but there is a completely different challenge placed by this young fellow being on the IoM. i.e. no significant UK military, let alone RAF presence where he can ponce stuff from stores or have anything tailored. I would suspect that it would be quite a challenge to routinely aquire such articles through the supply chain there.

Each permission for the wearing of any form of extra dress embellishments is made by the RAF dress committee. This applies to staff and cadets. London has a Lord Mayors ADC who is a member of the Wing adult staff and who wears special city of London Aiguillettes on appropriate occasions.
So I would assume that the relevant permissions have been obtained.

This is very direct from the horses mouth.

The IoM Lieutenant Governor dimension is interesting, but may be a total red herring. For example, the duties and responsibilities of an LLC cannot extend to those formally-expected of a staff officer or air attache, even on an honorary substitute basis.

However, if we suspend reality for a moment, and forget that this CWO is not a member of the Armed Forces of the Crown, I understood that the minimum rank for a staff officer / attache was Flt Lt, similar to the minimum rank for ADC being Gp Capt/Col?

And keeping that reality in suspension…if I’m correct, only aguillettes for ADCs to the Sovereign are meant to be worn from the right shoulder…and aguillettes for a staff officer (eg to AOSNI) are worn from the left shoulder. That’s really stretching my memory now, so open to amendment. Also, the No1 SD is meant to be tailored to include epaulettes: as well as being current issue.

Finally: the SD cap. That’s just totally inappropriate.


see [url][/url]

CWO Wade of 440Sqn appears to be a conventionally-uniformed aguilletteless (and current) LGC…

[edit]Well, well, well…look what I’ve found:

2009 Lt Governor presenting aguillettes to his chosen St Johns’ LGC, on a pillow. And there’s a spare set of aguillettes behind him…[/edit]

Interesting that someone on here said that Lieutenant Governors “Cadets” are entitled to wear aiguillettes. The only mention of Aiguillettes in AP1358C is below.

Anyone want to shed any evidence on Lieutenant Governor Cadets being authorized to wear such items?

a. The Lord Mayor of London ACO ADC is entitled to wear aiguillettes when on ADC duties.

Page: 28

  1. No 1 SD. The No 1 SD uniform is a 3-piece suit consisting of jacket, skirt and trousers. It is manufactured from the same length of fabric; therefore the
    jacket from one issue should not be worn with the skirt or trousers from another. All commissioned ranks and RWOs/WWO’s wear the same style jacket.
    Officers who are entitled to wear aiguillettes and/or the Royal Cypher also wear plain shoulder straps. SNCO (ATC) wear the same style jacket.

Page: 64

No 5 Mess Dress – Authorised Ensemble
0329. Jacket. All personnel wear the same design jacket; however, officers entitled to wear aiguillettes wear plain shoulder straps. Half-size gold embroidered
flying badges may be worn where appropriate.

Page: 80


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They only do an April fool’s. No other wind-up’s.[/quote]

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