Cadet wearing uniform abroad

Hypothetical - a cadet is going on a battlefields trip to Belgium or France with their school, and has been asked by the teacher leading the trip if they could wear uniform to lay a wreath on behalf of the school at a war memorial. What would be the official means of gaining permission for uniform to be worn for this? Bear in mind that it is not a RAFAC organised trip. Ask permission of the Defence Attaché at the British Embassy to that country? If so, that seems a little over the top for one cadet to wear uniform for 15 mins at a CWGC site…

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It’s a little out of date… But this used to be the guidance.

And with recent events on the continent, I don’t think it would be approved.

Go via CoC starting with Wexo and wg cdr.

But @Horriblelittletechie guidance above is accurate.

Especially the part about it not being a rafac event and abroad in current climes.

Clearamce aside. It’s a naus dragging uniform around. Especially (I’m assuming it would be) best dress, shirt and tie etc.

Seems a lot of effort for essentially a minute or two.

All overseas uniform stuff needs to go through HQAC. Theres a specific form when im at desktop ill find it

If it’s Belgium with the current stop order I’d say it was a no anyway.

The stop order was on the current clearance Sqns can still get fresh clearance with probably different advice.

But I do agree with all the above anyway in terms of its a lot to take uniform out for just a very short time, and unlikely to get approved as not a rafac activity.

Yep - and I suppose it says something that when officer cadets or recruits do battlefields trips as part of phase 1/phase 2 training, it’s in polo shirts including wreath laying


My Sqn just came back from Belgium last week, RAFAC security delivered us a brief before we were allowed to go, not even able to wear the logoed shirts we bought earlier for going. The situation in Belgium has HQAC very vigilant about identifying ourselves as being connected with the military. As always go through CofC, but I can’t see that happening.

Just asking out of curiosity, you have been idol on this website fir 9 years, how come you have replied to this thread? Just curious lol

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I’ve literally just returned from an ATC battlefield tour of France Belgium and attending the Menin Gate ceremony, so thought I’d have something up to date and relevant to add. I don’t post on any social media much, but I do visit ACC now and then.


So has my wing…im now trying to see if i can connect the dots

It was half term last week, I suspect several wings have been over.

Not trying to stir (I promise!), but I happened upon this social media post completely by chance having asked this question a day prior - CCF (presumably Army) cadets in MTP at the Menin Gate a week ago.

Yeah, the long story short is uniform overseas is allowed. But you need permission, and that permission often requires some form of diplomatic clearance too!

Oh things have changed, nine (I think) years ago on a visit to the Battlefields, and more specifically the Menin Gate, we were invited to provide a guard of honour and the CO laid a wreath at the sunset ceremony. Angela Merkel was present along with some other high ranking bods. A great honour to represent the ACO (as it was then) and ranks very high in my top cadet experiences.

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I’m going there next week. On parade on both 10th & 11th in Ypres and area including Tyne Cott.

Are you L&SER I did that trip last year and it was amazing but was all done through region and therefore we had diplomatic clearance from the defence attaché.

That’s not always the case. Last year I went on an officer trip with LaSER to Ypres for a parade on armistice day and we were allowed to wear Light Blues, however this was granted by the Defence attaché to Belgium who was aware of our plans.

No, I’m further North than that. Also I’m in another uniform. I’ve just got the op order for the Poppy Parade and there is a contingent of ATC cadets involved handing over the wreaths. Not sure if that’s your area or an overseas unit. Either way they will be wonderful representatives of the RAFAC as in previous years.