Cadet Security Course

Anyone know if there’s any alternative way of delivering this? Or am I supposed to sit my entire squadron down in front of our three computers and try and work everyone through an online package?

Your supposed to deliver the PowerPoint to them as a lesson

I didn’t spot the ppt - is it on the same Ultilearn course?

I thought it was a staff security brief not cadets?

Or is there a cadet one too?

The new first class logbooks have a box to sign for the Ultilearn sy course, and it’s listed on there as a cadet course. I’m not sure there’s any actual difference in content though.

There seems to be 2 courses now…


I’ve used the course that was part of the First Class Cadet Training previously.

Hadn’t spotted that, will look in to it.

I’ve just noticed the course on Ultilearn… It seems to direct out of Ultilearn to an interactive package - anyone know if they have to do this individually, or can it be delivered to a group? Unclear whether they need completion registered on their Ultilearn profile?

Apparently it is to be delivered en-masse. It’s not something individual cadets can be signed up to on ultilearn.

Separately, it’s a really good example of online learning and I really hope ALL ultilearn modules for cadets move in this direction.

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One can hope!!

Thank you. Yep, I was quietly impressed by the quality of the module. Agreed, can only hope to see more! :blush: