Cadet Portal - Drill and Ceremonial Videos - Appeal!

Ladies and Gents,

As you may know, I am leading the Cadet Portal project. We are currently building a Drill and Ceremonial page and we want to host some decent video content for cadets on uniform maintenance, drill movements etc.

If anyone out there has any decent videos on drill (aside from the AP818 DVD - I have that - thanks @AlexCorbin), uniform maintenance and prep etc that you think are worthy of inclusion and sharing through Cadet Portal, can you please get in touch to discuss further?

Many thanks in advance.


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Here’s the initial page mock up :+1::grimacing:

Just a thought, It would be good if the CACWO/Drill WO could arranged for a video of any new moves or unfamiliar moves that form part of the drill sequence to be uploaded as well as the relevant competition sequence


There’s questions every year about how certain movements are performed. The clarifications are then vague and DIs find themselves running around, taking phone calls, and working for a change :wink:

Actually… Let’s leave it as it is and give the stick-wielding master race their time in the limelight every year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I must be doing something wrong…ive never had a phone call

Or very very right. I’ll let you have that glimmer of hope.

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You’re assuming that they can be trusted to get it right… :wink:

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You’re welcome to my smock-hood rolling video :slight_smile:


Pmed you

I’ve got one about how to properly turn a hem on the old style pleated skirts…

Exciting stuff!

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AF9548 Royal Air Force Colour and Standard Drills

Of course, if we start showing people that everyone will realise that the Banner Drill competition is STILL wrong… after all these years :wink:

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It seems to be getting better. The “take post” after the march past has reverted to an about turn and a right wheel.

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Excellent! I’ve only been banging on about that for I can’t even remember how many years.

This update was snuck out on the quiet then.
Up until last year the Banner party would still take post by marching right through the left flank of No 1 Flt.

I’ve seen it from my RWO. I think sharepoint is still a tangled mess.

Ive not seen any update!

Yeah, there appears to be nothing in the usual place on Sharepoint.

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