Cadet Portal Changes

Hi all. Couple of questions from someone who’s a little shoddy on the “cyber” part of the corps:

  • The “virtual brassard” page seems to have been removed. Why?
  • It seems to have been replaced with an “approvals” page. Can someone explain ( in very simple terms ) the function of the approvals page?
    Two subsections of “active” and “completed”, but my cadets can’t appear to edit or request anything for approval.
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There was a bug related to this feature that was breaking other parts of the Bader systems, so it’s been removed temporarily while that gets fixed.

Approvals is, I believe, for when cadets request changes within their profile that need CFAV approval. For example, if they go to change their profile picture, that will become a pending approval. Once it’s been approved by squadron staff, it will then go into the completed tab.


Yep as @JoeBloggs says re the Virtual Brassard page.

Regarding the Profile Picture approvals, that’s in preparedness for MyRAFAC, the Air Cadet App for Android and Apple, being rolled out around the corps. One function of the app is as a “digital ID” and thus needs to have a suitable photo. I’ve already rejected a photo of Sonic the Hedgehog and a black square.


Many thanks both!

I knew about the virtual brassard being removed, but the approvals section really had me scratching my head.

At least someone’s actually bothered to ask about it now