Cadet of the year prize ideas?

Im looking for any ideas anybody has for what would make a good cadet of the year prize as well as been on the trophy. Something that you know would make a good incentive for them to want to win this title. Any ideas are welcome. thanks

Once you know who the contenders will be, maybe a chat to the parents, just ask them to keep it quiet.

multitool, engraved

what do u mean by chat to the parents about it?

Once you have a list of contenders, then a chat to the parents of each contender about what they winner would like as the prize, that way they get something that is valuable to them.

Multitools have blades etc and carrying them about is problematic unless it’s for work etc.

yes i dont think multitool wouldn’t be very practical here in uk as u say you cant just carry these about.

As long as you have a good reason for having the tool on you, it’s fine. And that’s only if the knife locks, so a Swiss style one, which doesn’t lock, is fine, as long as the blade isn’t too long.

My unit have me one when I went to university, and I still use it almost 20 years later.

Some Cpl stripes if up to standard?

Surely you can just agree a limit of cost, and then leave it up to them to decide as winners. That way they can get something tailored to them that they want and not an idea from someone you don’t know on an internet forum.

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what do you think should be the prize amount?

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We would give them a gliding slot….if we had any to give out!

That isn’t something we can answer. It’s up to you, your OC and committee.

Try something, if it doesn’t work try again. There’s only so much help we can provide you and at some point you’re going to need to make your own decisions.


I don’t think the prize is what drives them.
The last few Sqns I’ve been on, Cadet of the Year was awarded to the Cadet who had the most points overall, but those points were awarded for so many different things, parade night attendance, uniform inspections, attending events, classifications and badges as an example. Therefore, the Cadets who put themselves out there and attend lots of things naturally accumulated points. If you have a vibrant Squadron then Cadets want to attend regardless of the end prize.
Depending on your criteria for the award, I don’t think you’ll see an increase in attendance just to win an award, you want a fun, engaging, happy Sqn that cadets want to be part of, winning an award is just a nice extra. Plus if you make it too attractive you’ll need an absolutely robust system of how that was calculated as trust me, parents will be knocking on the door wanting a recount :rofl:

We’ve always had trophies as the award rather than an actual prize in addition to the trophy, although at my last Sqn we had Cadet of the month and they won an Amazon voucher, the Cadets were not in the slightest bit interested in the voucher, they were happy with the extra points!