Cadet of the year ideas and points?

Hey so I’ve been tasked with refreshing our cadet of year competition and I’m looking for some ideas of what i can do to provide a fair competition. Also ideas on what to award points for including a weekly pont award of some sort? any ideas would be most welcome thanks

I would look at awarding points for things that link in with the aims of the org, so an amount of points for doing something that shows “practical interest in aviation and the RAF”, displaying great leadership/initiative or communication (skills useful in the Armed Forces and Civilian Life. And points for moral or civic activities that demonstrate being a good person and caring about your wider community.

I would also award points for participation in Sector and Wing events and activities, but would not award points for gaining badges etc from the PTS as they are award enough in themselves.

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Depends what you’re wanting to incentivise.

I’d include something about gaining Bronze+ on the basis that these are usually off-squadron events. Our cadets aren’t good at attending off-squadron events.

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The catagories & scoring are often over emphasised when designing the process. Once you have the system set up, the scoring & weighting can be adjusted to your OCs vision & Whims.

Make sure:-

Use Excell - reduces a lot of the hard work for you.

It’s simple; no complex formula weightings that can go wrong. Easier for you to make work, easier for cadets & staff to understand.

Ideally have it so it’s a data dump for the month. You extract the & data it drop into your spreadsheet and the formulae calculate the score for you.

Have a score that calculates for an individual rather than a flight. Use the cadet CIN number for tracking & your VLookups references.

Work out how you are scoring fixed quantitives (e.g. badges) vs qualitives (demeanour in sqn, encouragement of other cadets, event attendance [did they just turn up & mucked about or did they get involved with the delivery])

Try to make sure it’s fair & easily attainable by all/the majority of cadets - if it’s set up do only the elder cadet NCOs can pragmatically score the most points then it will just cause resentment.

Use data from last year to test it & see if it comes out with the results you would expect/want.

Hope this all helps.

So could you give me some examples of how many points you would award and for what exactly also how often.

any more point examples would be great

anybody else any ideas of what to award points for and how many. Also idea on what would be a good incentive prize for them?

Why dont you ask them what they’d like? And what should be included.


Do you have a competition for best flight of the year/month?

no they dont have anything currently and hasn’t been fir some time.