Cadet Medal Mystery

It’s rare for cadets to be awarded medals so I’m always interested to understand the story behind them being awarded the odd BEM etc. I’ve seen this photo today and I can’t place the medal itself - Can anyone help?

About the only thing I can find that looks like it is the Scott Medal Of Merit (pre-1967 ribbon). I doubt it is that and if so isn’t hers, and in any event can’t be worn on uniform.

The construction honestly looks like a marching medal.

Are cadets allowed to wear marching medals?

No idea…
We dont partake in my neck of the forest.

Not officially, some units allow them for one night after the event.

I wore mine at the palace, and Philip asked me about Nijmegen.

That’s not a Nijmegen medal, so unless it is from some other march but shouldn’t really be on the uniform. Can’t find anything else that is similar with the plain green ribbon either.

Maybe something local to Guernsey? as this connected with 201 collecting their standard from the island

I think it is Lieutenant Governor Cadet “Badge”, it’s the same idea as the Lord Lieutenant Cadet.

Guernsey’s typical colour as an island is green. I think they are awarded a badge and medal.

Checked with WWO it was approved by HQAC


Good for them. A lovely photo.

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Thank you - Spot on. A bit of Googling threw up this : Cadets will serve two Lt-Governors | Guernsey Press

That article does say that a woven badge is also issued for wear on uniform, so HQAC approval of wearing a medal is unusual as that’s only usually for state awards.

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