Cadet making me uncomfortable


There’s a cadet at my squadron who has on several occasions touched me inappropriately and then made a joke about it. He is younger than me, and while I’m not that bothered, it is making me a bit uncomfortable. Having asked several other female cadets I have learned that he has touched one of them in the same way. I’m not sure if I should report it, because I’m not sure if it has been accidental and I know that he has several learning and developmentental difficulties (he doesn’t follow instructions and will often make random loud noises). Should I talk to a staff member about it or is that overreacting? I think the staff are aware of his learning difficulties and I’m worried that if I report it they would just put it down to that. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation?


Absolutely report it.

Regardless of any difficulties he may have it’s still inappropriate and if it’s making you feel uncomfortable something should be done about it. Your staff should be better equipped to decide what to do with it from there.


Agreed. no question.



I’m going to lock this so it doesn’t go off track. The advice is good, you should speak to a member of your staff if you have any concerns. You can also use Childline to call and report it anonymously. PM if you have any further relevant questions and want this unlocked.