Cadet Forces Commission: some very-relevant history


During the long run-up to the staggered go-live of the Cadet Forces Commission system in December 2017, there were a number of oddly-worded formal statements, all very-much along the lines of this comprehensive version from the CCF:

That cited reference then continues:

And concludes with the additional footnote from DRFC:

At the time, I was very doubtful that there had never been any other types of commission created over more than 155yrs.

Just two examples of ‘new’ (in their day) commissions that appear to have been overlooked within that time-period include the situation for female officers serving in eg the WAAF prior to July 1941, and another was the creation of KGO/QGO commissions for the Gurkhas from 1947 onwards.

But I remembered something I’d read ages ago that was much closer to home, in every sense. And directly-relevant to our collective experience.

So here it is: it certainly shows that history always repeats itself.


That is a very interesting article. How long before they insist we revert to using cadet before our rank?


Am still waiting for my New Cadet Commission Scroll, but it won’t replace my original RAFVR Commission Scroll nailed to my living room wall!!


here here


AND still wear my RAFVR tie (got it from RAFATRAD many moons ago)!