Cadet Figure 11 Target

Hi all - bit of a random request, but does anyone have a decent picture of a Cadet Figure 11 target?

If you get stuck, just google figure 11 and photoshop it by rotating the legs 180 and putting them on top, to create a sort of semi-octopus monster.

Which is what the people who invented the thing did…


Sorry looked all over.

Why?The cadet fig 11 is a daft idea brought to us by people who are concerned with trivia as it is easier than dealing with serious problems. And isn’t it easy to solve a problem that you created?

If you are using one as a rep target for dry training, just use a mini .22 style fig11. It’s probably what most cadets will shoot at anyway.

Try this

Does have a cadet fig 11 which is plain but the normal shape