Cadet Exchange scheme


Hi everyone!
I’ve heard that the ATC takes part in an exchange program, with cadets from other countries. I would be really interested to apply, but I am not an NCO yet. Does anybody know what are the eligibility criteria for that?
Thanks in advance
Cdt Tzouvelis


As per ACTO 53:

UK Participation Overseas. The number of cadet places is based on Corps strengths of the ATC and CCF (RAF) including the male/female split. A GVCAC cadet is also included. Adult escorts are RAFVR(T) officers. Selection, when tasked in Oct/Nov, is to follow the criteria of:

a. No previous participation in IACE overseas before except for adult escorts who participated as cadets.

b. At least 17 years of age but not having reached the 20th birthday on 1 Aug in the year of the Exchange. Adult escorts must be a minimum of 25 years of age.

c. Ability to participate for the full period of the Exchange programme with, for those under 18 years of age, the written consent of the person with parental responsibility. This written consent will be required during preparation by nominated participants as part of the completion of IACE Information Forms (example at TG Form 030 ) to HQ AC in Apr.

d. Fitness for the demands of the Exchange visit which vary from country to country but invariably involve long, arduous journeys and, sometimes, hot uncomfortable conditions.

e. Intelligent, confident and sociable with a proven record of excellent Cadet or RAFVR(T) service.

f. Knowledgeable about world/current affairs and their Corps.

g. Deserving of this prestigious award to represent their Corps and country internationally.

h. Ability to pay the mandatory contribution required for the transport, insurance and IACE dress, with assistance where available, and to take sufficient money for incidentals on the visit. These sums will be advised each year before the selection.

i. Willingness to provide the compulsory items of IACE dress not in the IACE package (see Annex B).

j. Eligible to hold a passport and have a visa issued (where required) for the country to be visited.


That’s pretty clear and specific. Thank you.