Cadet Emailing Capability

I’ve seen that cadets will never have emailing capabilities through their cadet portal login address. This sort of makes sense as you don’t want a 12 year old sending informal poorly worded emails to the Wing Commander and making the sqn look bad. But all cadets have a personal email anyway which they have to use to communicate with the staff anyway, so they could just easily do that with their personal account.

So my point is, why don’t they allow cadets to email using their cadet portal login as an email? This means that the RAFAC can exercise more control and surveillance as all emails start and end with them. It would make safeguarding better because then the emails can be directly monitored by staff rather than having to copy in staff and have GDPR issues as only approved people can see the emails.

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There is currently no cost for a Cadet Portal Login, if you add a M365 Licence for any functionality there is then a cost for this.


Do you need a M365 license just for email, as I thought that was for word and all that?

Can’t use one bit of the software without the rest being attached.

Have to? Since when?

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Why can’t you send an e-mail to the address that the cadet have put on SMS.

For safeguarding purposes it would be hidden from the sender but if you are IC and event why can you tick a box and message cadet. The system would look up the address and the message could go to that address. There could be a message all facility for updates or to an individual to say get your climatic Injuries done or you cant go to field craft.

That’s the rule my OC has always used, email only for staff and cadet communication. As you can’t use social media private messaging for safeguarding so email is better and still has a record of what was said.

Local rule, not a Corps rule.

So what is the Corps rule on communication between staff and cadets over the internet?

It shouldn’t be done privately. DMs/PMs etc. But open forum is fine, like a post on a Facebook group. Privately is okay by email of course, because our emails can be seen by senior bods if required.