Cadet Direct producing Rank slides RAF Air Cadets


Would be interesting to know as we were told (like ATC) that they weren’t available as free issue.


Send me a PM & I’ll e-mail you the official RAFAC order form used


rumour has it - or at least Wg Cdr RIAT posting on Facebook

GPJ Rank slides have been approved…


But even at 5.5cm, the ones from CD are still too big for the epaulettes which are 4.8cm wide. The slides should be 5cm wide.

I’ve measured all my kit and every one has rank slides of 5cm or a little less.


I went CombatLogos. Dress Reg blasphemy never looked so good.


Same as that.

I bought two pairs of slides - one with RAF AC on them. Should be good for a few coronaries!


Alan has made some rank slides for my blue leather jacket. I must say I’m very impressed with his work.


This is so funny SNCOs have to use what’s provided can’t even have MTP slides but officers crying as they can’t wear GPJ ones


Not sure what you point is? The SNCO slides are correct, they are blue as they are supposed to be. Officers aren’t asking for non-blue slides they are just asking for blue rank braid on the correct backing.


I still haven’t bought green backed ones yet. I’m rocking the jumper slide over my MTP.


I think what he was saying is that NCOs have one design of rank slide which is a blue piece of material with rank insignia on it. If the officer rank slide was of a similar pattern (a single colour of blue with the barcodes and text on it) then the single-pattern officer slides would work on uniform that requires slides too and we wouldn’t have all of this whinging!


I’m not whinging. Haven’t worn my GPJ in years. Hate the thing.


Good for you.


Similar to having one, two or more bars by themselves with some gold coloured pins in you mean?

Don’t think anyone ever moaned about them (sincerely I don’t).




but you always had that nonsenses about appropriate-coloured backing for the baby ranks, and you have nowhere to write RAFAC…

Dark blue seems like an appropriately-coloured backing for all uniforms :wink:


Would it be too radical suggest officer rank slides be like SNCO rank slides as in they’re on the same backing, and instead of braid, the barcode is embroidered in in silver?


Except the NCO Cadre insist that we need to do things the RAF way, which is to have Blue Braid on appropriately backed sliders.


Nope. The RAF (and/or the wannabes at HGAC) insist we do it the RAF way. The NCO cadre are expected to try to police it; as are the officers too, by the way.


I might be rocking it over my CS95 >.<