Cadet Direct producing Rank slides RAF Air Cadets


I’ve just been on CD and they are now producing GP and wet weather jacket rank slides.

TBH these look pretty good but I’d be interested to see if they are too wide.

I may need some leather ones for my MOD approved leather jacket!


They have had those for a couple of weeks, but they aren’t authorised.
I suppose that’s what we get for involving CD!


To be honest I think they are just responding to demand.
As soon as the slides were announced everyone said “What about the GP/Wet Jacket slides? Jumper slides will look pants”

People have phoned around CD and CombatLogos asking and hey presto…

…even though they will cause the stick wavers to have coronaries.


That is what they have always done as a commercial entity, with no real regard to whether the items they are selling are correct or accurate so long as they will sell. That is why their catalogue is full of stuff that is wrong or obsolete.

Which is why we should have our own shop selling the right things.


Just wondering where you got this excerpt from? Would rather have solid evidence before I pass judgement.


It’s an extract from one of the emails that was released under a FOI request…


The FOI is on heee somewhere


That’s what you get when you sell your soul to the devil…

I’ve known plenty who wear these “unauthorised” slides, and they look tidy, the colours match and they are a much better fit on the epaulettes.
So what’s the point of fighting against the masses… again… They should of gave the spec of a lighter colour text to the GP slides to CD at the same time…


Snaiths have the badges for no 5 but not on the website. Ring the Cranwell branch.


Has anyone spoken to Alan at Combat Logos recently? I sent him an email a few days ago and he’s not replied.

Maybe he’s gone on his Jollies


I’m one of those weirdos whose purchased the GPJ and Geltex slides from Combatlogos…

Both my Wing WO and RC have commented on them… saying they looked very smart. Tbh my WWO is of the opinion that, there’s bigger issues around at the moment…just don’t post the pics of unauthorised slides all over facebook.


I have a tendency to agree with your WO.

As long as you dont go parading around Cranwell with them on you’ll be fine. As for other stations they probably dont give a hoot


I can’t see why people cannot just wear the issued slides and wait for an approved source of other patterns before throwing their money away.


Because they look gash…


They all look gash, and there is a reasonable chance the teh colour will be changed on the darker ones and people will need to buy replacements.


If it takes that as long to resolve this issue as it is for them to sort the lack of Squadron Identification badges most of us will be retired before it’s done.


But Cadet Direct is the approved source!! That’s not going to change.
HQAC has put this issue into their “sorted and finished” box. There will be nothing more done on this for a long time, until the next CAC realises how gash they look and we get back in the merry-go-round of change again!!


It is the approved source of the specific rank slides permitted as per the DIN and, eventually, the AP.
It is very much NOT the case that everything CD produces is valid.

The process is still ongoing.


At present I would assume that it is very unlikely that we are going to get any approved GPJ and Geltex slides.
Who would sell them, CD ?
If HQAC produce a design CD may sale them after their current stock has been sold ?
It would be like “closing the stable door after the horse has bolted”.


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