Cadet Direct producing Rank slides RAF Air Cadets


It would be nice having a management team that was capable of actually understanding the organisation they join on a damn good screw in order to run it. Also people who have been in the organisation and find themselves near the top table, actually being a bit more imposing and fighting our corner, rather than ‘gong hunting’.


I thought I saw it somewhere
AP1358C Ver2.0

Para 0222a Special dispensation in the wearing of polo type shirts with unit logos for public duties such as Air Shows/County Shows must be given at regional level. Berets/baseball logo hats must be worn unless in a designated FOD zone. Baseball hats are not to be worn within military establishments when not actively engaged in the duty for which they were issued

It was following this (when included in an earlier version there was talk of a “template” polo shirt but given the stink it would cause nothing came of it….


I call Thread Creep!

Seriously though, cloth RAFAC badges for No5…?


Have any been seen yet?


It’ll come full circle when HQAC decree that Cadet Direct is the only approved supplier for sqn polo shirts!


They nearly are a matched pair and slightly clearer than the pins


Where did you get them from? Can’t see on their website?


Were issued, believe from a snaiths sample run.


Definitely prefer them to the metal pin version.


They are hideous! I’m glad I’ll never wear them!


They are shocking. Do they pay you to take them away?
You need a much, much finer thread and they would be better.


Far better than the pins!
Where can you get them from?


If we have RAFAC as the insignia on No.1 and No.5 dress, why couldn’t we have it on the No.3 rank slide instead of that hideous 'RAF AIR Cadets?


Came through CofC (just one pair though for the squadron to share)


horrid, even more so than the gopping rank slides. I prefer the pins.


Well, at least we know how much public monies was wasted - sorry - spent on the rebranding exercises now.

Oh wait. We don’t!!! As HQAC claim they have no evidence of it happening… except for this receipt for some stamps???




Are these sold by well known carpet chains???


It would appear from the attachment that the slides paid for from non public funds and some basic maths would suggest (if they got them for the £2.75 / pr) a cost around £14.9K for one pair for all uniformed staff.

Not entirely sure I agree with using non public money for something like this, when it seems to have been done as a shortcut as it would have taken too long to get Air Cmd approval. Will the money be given back to the GPF?

Something that made me smile; so many people responded to the survey, they needed to pay for a licence to see the results.

This just about sums up HQAC’s view of the people doing the donkey work. From one of CAC’s emails

I am happy to go with the majority view of the volunteers to show that we do listen to them (sometimes!)

As if we weren’t aware that our opinions don’t matter to add the ‘sometimes’ with an exclamation mark, is appalling. As and when you read this ma’am thank you for your showing us how you think of us. Remember NO Air Cadets = NO nice little well paid jobs for you and many others. Annoy volunteer staff by comments like this too much and you might just find there is no need for you. Wouldn’t that be good?


I tbink it is disgusting that the GP fund has been used as source of funds the cover up the failure of rhe snr mgt to properly manage the introduction of the CFC.
The cadets via the levie imposed by HQAC has paid for the new rank slides. Disgusting