Cadet Corps Band


Does anyone have contact details for the central band?

Trying to see if they would be amiable to getting involved with the Odiham RAF100.


One google search later.


There is the Director of Music for Marching & Concert RAFAC bands - both of these have BADER contact details and feature in the Address Book.


Did he mean Central Band RAF or the cadet bands?


Cadet bands. Waaaaaay too late to book RAF bands for 100 events.


Apologies - I did think they would have already been pinged. Having said that, so will the cadet bands. They have fixed windows they can operate as its quite intensive apparently (bringing musicians from around the country to one location - and it’s hard to get accommodation for them).


Looking at potentially providing for them on station at Odiham.


Life’s a whimsy!!


Full accommodation plus staff? You have a good chance if so, assuming they are operating that week. As above the DOM info is on Bader.


It’s all up in the air at the moment. It’ll be a tent city but there is potential.


I’m pretty sure they won’t do that, but may be wrong. Something to do with security of equipment and the need to get a decent nights sleep. I don’t blame them to be honest. Drop them an email anyway and they are pretty good at letting you know.


Well you never know, surprising I’m rising on a wave of blind optimism at the minute. Pretty rare for me but I’m going to roll with it.


Your other option is the local wing band. I hear there quite good - regional champions 2 years on the bounce


That will be the Paint shop extractor blocked up and blowing back into your office


I wish.


I may have some useful contacts if this is still outstanding?


I’ve emailed, on leave now so can’t reply for a week and a bit. If it’s fallen short that would be great.


Drop us a PM if you wish :slight_smile: