Cadet Bronze Cyber Instructor

Slight tangent, but I’m currently a Sgt with MOI and Gold Cyber. Someone told me that I could teach/assess Bronze Cyber courses but I don’t know how i go about doing this? I think there is some sort of conversion course I have to do but I have no idea how to get onto one, or who the relevant POC is… My OC is none the wiser either as we have never had a Gold Cyber holder on unit before, though OC does agree having a Bronze trainer on-unit would be very useful.
If anyone knows anything about this id be v grateful

Our cyber contact and trainer is the Wg radio Officer - don’t know if others have split it, but you could start there.

Failing that Sqn Ldr Pink is the HQAC contact for cyber. He’s pretty active on the Cyber Teams, er, Team if your OC wanted to ask the question of him that way.

Yes, this or your Wing’s training officer.

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You will need to do a train the trainer course (as per ACTO 071). These usually run at Region level, typically online these days.

The Wing radio officer is the point of contact.

To become a bronze Instructor? Don’t think so.

To train bronze instructors, yes…

In our region some are listed as ‘train the trainer’ some ‘train the instructor’. Seems to depend on who’s organising them.

Yes the recognised route to teach Bronze for cadets is (from ACTO 71):

(1) Completed the RAFAC Advanced Cyber Specialist ‘Gold’ Course
(2) Completed the Method of Instruction Course.
(3) Attended a Bronze Cyber Instructor Course.

Unfortunately, with the cyber syllabus currently being overhauled, (and I know this is the case for my region) Bronze Cyber Instructor courses have been paused until the new package is released.

Surely that’s the same thing though? Am I getting in a muddle here, because to me:

  • T3 at region trains those (Wing bods) who then train others (Sqn bods) to deliver the cadet course.

  • You don’t have to do what would be a T3 to instruct bronze. Wings train their own instructors if they have someone who has done the T3 course.

Anyway, having dug out ACTO 71:

c. Cadets running cadet courses:

Cadets who have completed ALL of the following can teach Bronze Cyber to Cadets.

(1) Completed the RAFAC Advanced Cyber Specialist ‘Gold’ Course

(2) Completed the Method of Instruction Course.

(3) Attended a Bronze Cyber Instructor Course.

So @AMW, you’ll need to do the course, which is quick enough, to cover the delivery aspects and then you should be golden if you already have your MOI.

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Wait, what… again?! It only changed 18 months ago!

Yep it is currently being re-designed and is anticipated to be released as one of the self-taught (but with optional instructor led) packages like the new classification ones. It is going to be more in depth than the current cyber courses which focus on cyber security and awareness, whereas the new course will introduce cadets to more of the technical depth behind these topic.

Have heard it is going to mirror the course that is run at Cosford for regulars but on a pared down level suitable for cadets.

How many of our modules, lessons and subjects are going to become this?

I’m all in favour of reducing volunteer burden… but eventually there wont be a need for volunteers to teach!

Is the expectation that we just are there now for admin, h&s and other laborious tasks only?

Slightly tonge in cheek, but still…

It is confusing. I’ve seen instructor courses listed using both wordings. I’ve
Never actually seen a ‘train the trainer to train trainers’ course anywhere in the Corps for Cyber though.

Personally I don’t have a problem with mid-level stuff being self taught, but the blue/bronze/first class has to be instructor led, as does the Gold. As much as I dislike the current cyber bronze course it is at least instructor led and I think the silver level being self taught is ok as only cadets with a particular interest will be doing it

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Unfortunately the number is only going to grow from what I’ve heard.

Completely agree with yourself (as do several at HQ level) and @Farmerdan that we need instructor-led courses. But direction from HQ RAFAC has been to tailor them to self-taught over instructor-led. Nothing to stop them from being taught using the packages but naturally it will be more clunky in delivery.

Yep, and our region does ‘train the deliverer’ as well!

That sounds like they’re preparing you for a job at Amazon