Cadet age limit

Hi I turn 18 on September 6th and was told at 4th of September is my last night at cadets. I was wondering what is the next step after this and what happens to my uniform and 3822. Will I be able to join back as staff.

Your uniform will be handed back to your squadron and either returned to the shelves or to your parent station, depending on its condition. Your 3822 will be signed at the back page and returned to you.

You can apply to be staff in 2 years time (I need to check whether VGSs still take people from 18)

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In the meantime, you could always volunteer to be a part of the civilian committee?

The option of becoming a CI is also available to you.

Not until he or she’s 20.

Daft question - why are you not being kept on as a Staff Cadet?

Because I don’t have a green first aid or radios badge. Today is my last day. kind of sad but i’m going to focus on uni.

what is a civilian cometee

Every squadron has their own civilian committee.

Basically, it’s like a supporters group for the squadron, but with control over the squadron bank accounts and assets.

Their role is to offer assistance to the OC and staff in running the squadron, and make sure that squadron money isn’t used unwisely. They might only attend a meeting once every 3 months, or they might run the canteen every night.

It is a world away from your cadet activity, but it’s a way of helping your old squadron (or another one!), and staying in touch with the RAFAC.

Any cadet (regardless of rank or badges) can stay until the agree of 20 with a DBS and having done the BASIC course.
You can only become a CI at the age of 20 onwards but until then, you can bee CivCom. :grinning:

Not quite that simple.

They must have a ‘specific skill that adds value to the ATC’ e.g.:
Flying, gliding scholarships, VGS etc
Training or supervisory shooting or AT quals
AFA, radio assessor, MOI, CSLA, other similar quals
(Taken direct from Pers 501, ACP20)

The above cadet comes from a wing who are very elitist. And if they do not have any of those qualifications, they are not permitted to stay on.

NS - I know who you are, but don’t worry. If you return your uniform next Monday, we can have a chat & I’ll talk you through the options again. Or drop me an email like you did before.

Sgt R.