CAC Uniform

Recent images of the Commandant wearing the Air Officer belt in his No1 uniform. As an Air Commodore, I thought that the use of the Air Officer belt was restricted to certain posts like Commandant RAFC Cranwell?

Is the CAC post included in that list or have some rules changed? Or was I misinformed myself in the first instance?

I recall Air Cdre McCafferty wearing the normal Officers’ Ceremonial belt for her DandC parade.

Just looking for some info :slight_smile:

I wondered this too.

You are correct that Dawn wore the standard No1A uniform without the embellishment of a sash and shoulder boards and when carrying a sword wore the standard Officer Sword Belt:

AP1358 states that only AVM rank and above, as well as certain Air Cdre posts wear the sash and shoulder boards :

Comdt RAFC Cranwell, Air Officer Wales and Air Officer Scotland/NI. DNS (RAF) wears AO Ceremonial Sash only

Commandant Air Cadets is not one of the entitled posts.


Pretty sure he knows what he’s entitled to wear and what he isn’t?

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Maybe Cack is becoming an AVM?

Maybe he read RAFC as RAFAC?

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You would hope so - and you’d hope his WO would too.

I’d be interested to know the explanation as on the face of it he is not conforming to dress regs.

I think there’s loads of nuances when it comes to these items, that aren’t necessarily in the regs… But that begs the question that they should be in the regs

He was previously Air Officer A4 Force wasn’t he - i wonder if that has anything to do with it (jn the relation to nuances)?

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Maybe it’s because he sees the rank/role being equivalent to Comdt RAFC Cranwell. Pretty sure AOC 22Gp would be ok with it.

Just curious… who’s gonna be the first to ask him when they meet him and report back the explanation. If I get to see him, I’ll be asking (politely obviously). I’m nosey like that…

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I get the impression that if asked politely (i.e. Sir, I really liked the uniform you wore the other day with shoulder boards etc. I don’t think I ever saw another CRAFAC wearing them, is this a new thing you’re allowed out did they just never get the opportunity?) he would be more than happy to discuss.

Previous Comdt has said he is entitled due to a previous role.

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Another update

The RAF DPSG minutes revealed that the RAF had granted two star acrouments to CAC effective immediately. To reflect his position as the Head of an organisation


Nice to see them recognising the status and size of RAFAC in that way. Now to expand that to areas other than the boss’s uniform


It’s the largest command post in the air force… In terms of head count


Er… its bigger than the whole air force.


Thank you - Very interesting. Do the minutes say how the request to include the Commandant in that group came about? Better, do you have a link to the minutes?

Makes no difference to how we are thought of, given how many jobs we give to ex-regs fancying an easy life on a nice salary.

No worries - No clarity why but Can be seen here as it was a FOI request (Standard!)

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Interesting that suggests that the dress committee is in favour of gender neutral hair for the RAF as well.