C wings query


Just a hypothetical situation…

If you had C- wings (for powered) on your jumper, would you still wear AEF wings (old) as it is technically a different type?

Could vice-versa could apply when talking about civvi gliding and old VGS wings?

On another note, if you got c-wings for gliding and the new badge for gliding, would you wear both? Or vice-versa with powered aircraft.

Even a reference to somewhere in ap1358c would be helpful!


The re-organisation of the flying badges means you can only wear one set of wings.

‘C’ wings are for solo flight in any (powered or glider) aircraft. They trump anything that is RAFAC and below solo flight.

Should you fly solo through any RAFAC scheme - all the best of luck with that - you can then decide which set to wear.

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Ok, thanks! Doubt I will ever do any of the above, merely hypothetical!

Do these rules apply to adult staff or are they cadet badges?

Might be confusing them with the old VGS staff wings from years ago…

I had an pair of gold wings back in the day, but they weren’t the instructor ones.

They are talking about the cadet rules only. But AFAIK staff CFAV can wear their gliding wings earned from the VGSs, so maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?

Me personally, not getting confused, but this thread is confusing me :rofl::rofl:

That’s probably it.

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