C Wings Badge

Once I have done my first solo flight at my civvy gliding club I will provide my OC with proof so he can send it to 2FTS and I get a C Wings badge. I just want to know how a C Wings badge looks like and if you have ever seen any issued. Also if you know then how long has the C Wings badge been around.

A few have been issued but not many. I believe it’s a fairly recent badge but I’m not sure. Someone else on here will know the correct answer!

It looks like this:

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We have two on our sqn. The badge is as above.

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Where is the badge placed?

0418a. When a single badge is worn it is to be positioned centrally 1cm above the bottom edge of the patch of the left shoulder of the jersey BG. When worn with No 1 HD, it is to be positioned centrally 1cm above the top seam of the left hand pocket.

Thank you.

Does anyone happen to know how I can contact 2FTS? E-mail preferably.

There are many email addresses associated with 2FTS - who were you looking for?

Gp Capt John Middleton or anyone else who I can talk to about gliding.

I’m inclined to suggest you start at the other end of the org chart and work up:

2 FTS CGS Admin (E1) Mrs J Tillison

Thank you very much.

Just cut out the middle man and email him direct. He’s very approachable and has a bit of time on his hands for enquiries.


These applications are dealt with by CAPE admin


Rather than HQ admin

I just want to ask a question about the C Wings badge to 2FTS.

What is the criteria for the civvy wings badge? Does it also apply to powered fixed wing?

Yes. ACTO 34 refers:

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