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Well hello to all just registered and returning to AC after 10 years. Now retired back as Civilian Instructor probably dealing with 1st class cadets at Sqn is there good old fashioned books available for lectures as I am still learning pc jargon, PowerPoint ect need to make it interesting for cadets learning 1st class syllabus. Cheers Ian.

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Welcome back!

I’m afraid the old ACP books for classes have been retired.

Most of the first class resources have been moved to virtual learning packages (think PowerPoint, but easier to start and more interactive). Once you have access to SharePoint (squadron staff will be able to show you how) you can find them in the Training Hub.

But definitely bring along your own resources and activities (mind that they are still up to date!) - anything to make lessons more interactive and engaging is definitely a Good Thing™️.

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As much as there are resources supplied, it’s still greatly encouraged to more engaging things too! :smiley:

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that said the material in the old ACP books has simplied been PowerPointed - ie many of the photos have been used and even wording is a copy and paste from paper to slide.
unsurprisingly the history of the RAF/ATC etc hasn’t changed nor have many of the other subjects so someone wouldn’t be far off if they chose to teach from the books


To be fair, nothing interesting has happened since 1980 with the exception of “The Great Pause if 2014” and I don’t think they would want to include that anyway.

@Ian welcome and don’t worry too much about the techie bit - as long as you teach the content, it doesn’t matter how you do it. The less you rely on the given materials the better in some regards, but if you need a PowerPoint or two then I’m sure there’ll be someone around to help you set up if you ask.

Some of us don’t know where or what things are with a decade of digital cadetting (and it’s all moving around bit by bit again anyway so we’re all having a “forget what you think you know” period), so it shouldn’t worry you that you don’t know either.