Bye bye Welbeck

Looks like the days are numbered for the Defence Sixth Form College -

A shame. But it is far from cost effective and the results dont reflect anything over and above the results from a far cheaper sixth form college option - but without squeezing a stretched defence budget for a glorified CCF.

Half expected given the school expansion program

curiosity question - are the No1/Ceremonial uniforms (and whatever other uniforms/kit) come into the budget? or are these ancillaries which are from a separate pot?

Lets say it cost ÂŁ1000/pupil at a college for a year
does that cost reach ÂŁ1800/Wellbeck pupil when ÂŁ800 worth of uniforms are accounted for?

if so it seems a no brainer that cost effectiveness is going to be an issue.

I saw posts on Social Media suggesting Halton’s RTS could move there - saves building facilities at Cranwell, and given Wellbeck’s investment in 2005 isn’t twenty years old yet better “cost effectiveness”??

Doesn’t save much when you consider the duplication of staff, resources, and all those logistics bits that are needed. They’ll get by selling Welbeck.

I am not sure i follow??

the suggestion was rather than go to the effort of creating space and an RTS facility at Cranwell when Halton closes, repurpose Wellbeck to suit RTS’s needs.

where is the duplication of staff, resource etc?

That’s the whole point of moving in the first place - to share facilities. If they’re not going to do that they might as well stay at Halton.

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oooooh right.

i thought it was a case of wanting to get rid/close Halton i didn’t realise it was a case of wanting to share the facilities.

Surprised, not really…
I never quite understood what Wellbeck’s purpose was, when it is easier and better to recruit graduates as it costs you nothing, you just need to ensure the package you offer is attractive and no strings. The only thing with Wellbeck is get them early and start the indoctrination process.

We had 3 cadets high academic achievers all seeing the Forces as their job and fail to get into Wellbeck. All 3 have gone onto successful careers in “Science/Tech/Engineering/Art or Maths” just not in the Forces.

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Think that essentially was largely the point - much like the cadet forces, the idea would be early exposure to military life will make them less-likely to quit after they’ve had a lot of money spent on them. I suppose that someone has worked out that it’s not that cost-effective (I wonder what percentage of Welbexians were cadets any way?)

I don’t know if it’s how many cadets went to Wellbeck, but more a case of those who went to Wellbeck who actually went into the Forces. It’s lack of cost effectiveness would suggest not that many. It wouldn’t be difficult to see them going from Wellbeck to Uni and getting into “Uni life” and then have private companies coming in with post grad opportunities that are as good if not better packages and career paths than the Forces.

Not many that I know at least.
in my 20 years I only know of two Cadets to have gone from our Wing, that isn’t to say its only been two, it could be 12 but of those who shout about (mainly the staff praising Sgt Smith for getting a place) going I have only heard of two…

DTUS seems more effective than Welbeck. Cheaper too, I’d wager.

Quite a surprise, I was there about a month ago.

Lots of facilities, and students very positive.

Shame to see the end of HMP Welbeck, before it is life expired but then we have shown that it is easy to cancel a world leader aircraft contract without batting an eyelid about costs.

I dont suppose it was will mean more money to support Cadet flying?

based on a interview i heard yesterday of someone working at WellBeck, it was a surprise for all. apparently tours scheduled for today were only cancelled after the announcement such was the lack of knowledge…!

Nope. Completely different budgets, zero correlation.

I presume then we are going to build a wall - that does not depend on any specific budget!

We’ve had things come out the blue at work several times and it leaves you stunned.

Just a bit of history. First went there [Woodhouse] in 1963 when it was 224 Sigs Sqn.